Modern IT Services for the Finance Sector

Modern IT Services for the Finance Sector
We provide modern, efficient and secure managed IT services perfectly tailored for the regulatory needs of Financial Services organisations.

Who we are

Underpinned by over 20 years of experience, our award-winning services cover Cloud, Support and Security.

An IT partner that understands the Financial sector

We have extensive experience of working with a wide range of financial service organisations and have developed a deep understanding of the unique requirements of these organisations.

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    Why we stand out as a Managed Services Provider for Financial Services organisations

    Strengthening Regulatory Compliance

    We understand that for financial services meeting FCA, MiFID II and GDPR regulatory requirements is critical. Our technology solutions are designed to keep you compliant and help you properly maintain, secure and report upon on your data.

    Enhanced Security

    Financial institutions are among the most targeted verticals for cyberattacks. We help simplify your security infrastructure with both end-user and infrastructure security services with early warning detection of cyber-criminal activity.

    Insights & Trends

    Real-time dashboards to review IT performance, licenses and security, all in a single location. Financial institutions get visibility and trending across every aspect of the IT estate.

    Digital Transformation

    We support your organisation truly transforming financial services through the power of digital technologies and realise cost-efficient benefits.

    Easing the GDPR burden

    Our GDPR audit platform helps customers in finding PII data, providing them with a real-time searchable database to locate exactly which documents in which folder contain specific individual’s data.

    Modern and Innovative IT Solutions

    End-to-end IT management services, available 24/7 and innovative IT solutions that empower each department to maximise their IT effectiveness.

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