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Legal sector and its dependence on IT:

The Brexit angle:
Brexit will be the largest ever change to the UK’s legal framework, and it presents both opportunities and risks for the legal sector.

As far as changes to the substantive law is concerned, Brexit arguably creates a vast band of short-term opportunities for law firms. Firms will likely be tasked with explaining the effect of Brexit on huge numbers of existing contracts and transactions across many areas of law, including Competition, Employment and Intellectual Property.

The law firms that succeed will be those who tackle this challenge head on and find ways to creatively adapt their business and collaborate to deliver.
Is your organisation Brexit ready?
Wavex acknowledges the importance of ensuring your fee-makers can work unhindered by IT issues. We believe IT should be well-managed, secure, robust in dealing with hardware failures, and scalable to deal with the demands you place upon it. Moreover, with growing compliance, data-protection reforms, and regulations, having a robust IT solution is often a legal requirement.

Our IT support solution for legal
sector is designed to:

IT support for legal/law firms

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Speed up and lower the cost of IT

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Reduce risk

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Collaborate efficiently

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Resolve security threats faster

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Drive innovation

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IT support that provides peace of mind security:

Law firms are prime targets for hackers because they hold incredibly valuable and confidential information that can be easily monetised. This includes trade secrets, bank information, patents and even government secrets. Ensuring all this data is protected is a key task for law firms.

IT support that empowers your workforce:

Whether you are working on client matters or in court, IT should make it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues and access information as and when required, safe in the knowledge your data is secure, and your IT services will continue even if something goes wrong.
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IT support that aligns with your business strategy:

At Wavex we firmly believe that an IT strategy should align and support the business strategy. It is only when one is supporting the other that IT provides the greatest value to an organisation and its staff. At Wavex we have designed applications specifically to help manage IT strategy.
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Leading brands in legal sector are using
  our IT support services to:

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Identify and resolve security threats faster

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 Adapt to ever changing client needs and behaviours

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Enable online dispute resolution

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Diversify their practice and become “one-stop shops”

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