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Financial Services industry and its dependence on IT:

The financial services industry is going through big changes. Asset managers, fund managers and other FCA regulated institutions have a growing need to provide better customer experiences and manage an ever-increasing regulatory burden and protect customer data. All of this while fulfilling the need to lower costs in an environment of increasingly reduced margins.

Over the years, we have seen that financial services organisations have growing needs for greater insights into financial risks and performance. They need to enable financial advisors and other employees to work from anywhere on almost any device, improve agility and reduce costs. On the other side, significant cost savings opportunities are often missed due to an inefficient and aging IT infrastructure.

IT support for financial services

Our IT support solutions are designed to help you:

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Leverage peace of  mind security

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Proactively assess and respond to  cybersecurity threats

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Generate real-time  visibility into budgets  and costs

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Comply with  constantly changing  legal and regulatory  requirements

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Optimise resources in  order to efficiently  build teams, track  resources and assign staff

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Improve customer  satisfaction and  increase opportunities to crosssell and upsell.

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Best-in-class security that protects you
against cyber threats and data leaks:

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authentication to 
protect access 
to applications 
and data

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Data encrypted at
rest and in transit

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Disaster recovery
and data backup 
at two separate
(within UK)

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by design

No matter your role, our IT support services ensures your
systems are running on a reliable and scalable platform

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Relationship  Manager

When you are on the go, our technology provides you with a working environment exactly like working within the office while still providing you rock-solid security.
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Often running several complex excel spreadsheets require the right platform to ensure your calculations run quickly and stably. The Wavex Uniti® platform enables us to provide you dedicated resources.
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Compliance   Officers

Our APEX platform can help you centrally manage risks using our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform

Leading brands in financial services industry
choose our IT support services to:

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Get ahead of the
regulatory changes

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Improve customer

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Gain competitive

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Provide mobile and
 digital financial

Wavex provides exceptional services for clients who expect quality and reliability as part of their company infrastructure. We support organisations in the financial sector to grow their businesses and mitigate risk, by providing reliable and highly secure technology systems as the foundation of their operations.

With experience in delivering responsive services, coupled with the ability to create custom built solutions to meet client’s specific needs, Wavex prides itself on its unique service-offering and impressive reputation in the industry. We are the chosen partner for asset management, private equity, hedge funds and investment management organisations.

If you, like us, believe that well managed IT is an investment in your business, then get in touch to discuss our services. If this is something that you’re not convinced about, then why not let us talk to you about your options? There is no hard sell or any obligation, we would simply be delighted to discuss with you how we have helped other, similar businesses and what we could do for you.

Our IT business managers have a wealth of knowledge as well as a personable manner. Spare us a few minutes of your time to have a conversation and allow us the opportunity to show you the IT support solutions and services that will make a difference.
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