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Support & Productivity
  • End-users unable to contact the relevant engineer working on their issue
Our APEX® App enables end-users to chat directly with the relevant engineer from any location they may be working from
  • IT acting on inaccurate information
APEX® provides a range of automated management functions so the data our engineers are using is current. This also means we can provide clients an up to date list of their assets very easily.
  • End-users experiencing long delays when logging simple requests.
The entire IT sector prioritises tickets. This helps them offer an affordable IT service while still responding quickly to high priority requests. However, when you consider the majority of tickets as a lot priority, it results in long delays for end-users. Wavex has built A.N.A. our Autonomous Network Administration. She immediately resolves many of these simple requests.
  • No estimated time of completion for low priority issues. “Will it be an hour, or a day?”
APEX® estimates a likely response time and shows a popup to the end-user. Our engineers also estimate how long they believe an issue will take to resolve. This way all users know what is happening.
  • System changes often cause outages
Wavex follows a structured change-control process which involves planning changes and possible roll-back, as well as ensuring a range of skills assess the risk. We aim to find a good balance between speed & risk.
  • Uncertainty around level of security
Wavex delivers APEX® Secure which proactively assesses each device against a growing list of vulnerabilities. This provides a strong indication of risks and helps us to plan the appropriate remediation.
  • Inconsistent new starter and leaver processes
Wavex provide clients their own starter/leaver processes which can be customised around their own specific business requirements. This ensures new users are setup reliably and leavers are disabled promptly in line with company policies.
  • Phoning the service-desk and each time speaking to a different person
APEX® controls our inbound phone routing and ensures users are connected to someone who they know and has received positive feedback from them. It is only if all familiar Wavex staff are busy will it route to someone else.
  • Uncertain of the current state of the infrastructure
Wavex provides clients a mobile app which shows them real-time information about their infrastructure.
  • Engineers unfamiliar with customer setup and continually asking for explanations
We ensure all clients have detailed knowledge articles which provide our engineers information about the configuration of their site(s). The majority of these are created during our service transition phase.
  • Convoluted purchasing process when buying a simple device
APEX® has a customised procurement portal containing standard devices. It also manages the approval processes.
  • Poor communications duration a critical incident
Wavex sends out a range of notifications (SMS or Apex®App) to ensure the wider user population are aware. We publish a knowledge article that is continually updated during an incident. We engage directly with the appropriate client stakeholder and promptly follow-up with root-cause analysis documentation.
  • Little or no alignment of IT strategy with business strategy
Wavex recognises that keeping an IT strategy aligned to the business strategy can be complex which is why we’ve created our own APEX® strategy application which provides an easy way for us and our clients to stay abreast of their IT strategy.
  • Lack of improvements – things stay the same.
We have reviewed many of the workflows within Wavex asking what information we are seeing that could add value to our clients. This information is automatically pulled through as suggestions so we keep improving.
  • Difficult to manage all your IT contracts (leased line, 3rd party vendors, hardware manufacturers, licenses)
APEX® has contract management capabilities. All contracts, warranties, and licenses are published in the IT roadmap.
  • Being stuck in the middle of two different providers.
Wavex acts as the first line of contact for its clients then engages with the appropriate 3rd party.
Governance & Reporting
  • Service poor but and not easy to provide constructive feedback
APEX® seeks feedback via our desktop app for each incident resolved. On the rare occasion the feedback is negative, our service management team will immediately follow-up with the user to understand what happened.
Everything we do is stored in APEX®. Many of our clients have access to the same data and applications that our own staff use on a day-to-day basis. However clients do not need to log into APEX®, we also provide monthly performance documents which also review IT strategy & risks.
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