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Case Studies

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Rock Solid Security

Rock-Solid Security

A complete & fully managed IT service that allows you to focus on what matters the most: growing your business.

Fast and responsive IT Services

Fast & Responsive

Obtain immediate help from our trained service-desk who use the latest technology to keep your staff productive.

IT Services Insights and trends

Insight & Trends

Real-time dashboards to review IT performance, security and commercials, all in a single location.

Strategic and Advisory

Strategic & Advisory

Advice and guidance to develop your technology around your organisational goals.


Our innovative approach to managed services – IT without boundaries.

Our clients place their trust in us to support their staff and manage their technology & security needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And when it comes to solving clients’ technology challenges, we aren’t limited by the products and services available from vendors like Microsoft. We compliment these with our own.

Since 1998, Wavex has created many award-winning technologies that have helped to define the current IT sector – and we keep on innovating. Today our focus is security to ensure our clients stay safe from cyber-crime. Ask to see APEX®Secure or APEX®ATD.

Creating real, measurable impact


security incidents averted by APEX Secure (last 30 days)

2,699 hours

ahead of SLA target (last 6 months)


positive feedbacks from customers (last 6 months)

0.3 seconds

fastest request resolution time*

*Using our ANA platform.
Results as of January 1st 2021.

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