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Equipping every department to
become a "Centre of Excellence"

Are there business issues that erode valuable management time? HR issues, poor facilities management processes, lack of up-to-date reporting, insufficient visibility around business processes? We all experience them! APEX
is designed to address all of these and more.

As well as enhancing our core IT Services offering, Apex enables our Clients to access a range of World-Class business applications that all work seamlessly together. So Wavex Clients can make every department a Centre of Excellence without an expensive consultancy engagement or a lengthy implementation programme.

Now Wavex clients can enjoy access to the systems used by market leading organisations across the globe providing capabilities including: HR portals, Extranets, Facilities management, Asset management, Regulatory Compliance, Risk management, Room Booking, Field Service Management .....to name just a few, and of course ITIL aligned IT applications.

Wavex has created a truly empowering and responsive user experience. An IT service that works around the needs of individuals, supporting their specific business objectives.

With APEX you have access to an Enterprise grade platform, built upon ServiceNow, normally only affordable by large corporations:

Wavex has developed a unique business offering quite unlike anything available in the mid-market today. It has one simple objective – to help our clients turn every department into a “Centre of Excellence”

APEX™ Productivity APP
FREE 30 day analysis

In conjunction with the launch of the APEX platform, for a limited time we are offering companies 30 days worth of FREE business analysis, highlighting where your users are spending the majority of their PC time.

Take the opportunity today to find out how you can eliminate inefficiencies in your business and invest more time in what matters to you.


How does APEX work?

It’s all about sharing:
From our industry experience we realised that much of the information needed to deliver IT services to clients is the same information needed by the majority of business applications. Information like user details, organisational
charts, asset lists, and business processes

Designed to meet the needs of individuals

Business Benefits
  • IT Manager Portal – Assets, Licenses, User-Experience, Procurement, Workflows, SLAs & Reports all in one place.
  • For IT Teams – full suite of ITIL applications. Problem, Incident, Change and Knowledge management.
  • Executives – Business reporting to review efficiencies and enhance business processes.
  • Department Heads – HR, Facilities, Marketing, Legal service management.
Service Benefits
  • Innovative end-user communications platform
  • Customisable procurement platform with approval processes
  • Scalable for small businesses up to large enterprises (built upon the market-leading service management platform)
  • Automated discovery
  • Secure

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