At Wavex, technology has always been at the foundation of our delivery of IT services as we provide unparalleled levels of service and capabilities to clients. We have now launched our 3rd generation client service platform called APEX® – adding risk, compliance, security and business efficiency capabilities to our IT offering.

We have looked to the most successful organisations in the world to consider how they use technology, processes and people, and built upon these practices to deliver growing businesses a range of capabilities usually only found in larger corporates.

Whether you are seeking to extend your existing IT capabilities, or looking for a partner to manage everything, our services, underpinned by APEX® are quick to deploy and immediately help you to transform IT, reducing risks, improving service-levels and delivering real and measurable business value.

Management Insight Solutions

Our business services provide our client's access to an exciting array of services all aimed at improving business efficiency and increasing visibility around business workflows. Much of this is delivered through the use of our APEX® platform. See more from the APEX® .


Secure Business Cloud Services

Every business is unique, with different priorities. Our Cloud services are personal, with a tailored solution that meets your own specific needs whether that be enterprise-grade security, highly available, or simply on a tight budget.


Fully-Managed IT Services

Our award-winning business IT support services are designed around the needs of clients and their individual user requirements. Our engineer's, backed by the power of the APEX® platform, deliver an exceptional client experience, with industry leading responsiveness and accountability. 



Equipping every department to
become a "Centre of Excellence"

Understand where you are, and
where you are going, APEX®.

APEX® is an enterprise-grade “kit bag” of customisable business applications, processes and reports, normally only found in large corporates. APEX® is designed to provide small to medium businesses the tools they need to improve their experience of using technology, while at the same time support them in meeting their business objectives.


Our Business Cloud Services


Wavex Triathlon team

Wavex is delighted to announce that the Olympic Team Relay came 22nd in the London Triathlon, raising over £1,000 for cancer research.


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