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How Rachel starts the day...
Rachel has a young family so balancing her work-life balance can be challenging since her husband also works full-time. On most mornings, once she has dropped the kids off to school her day starts with her busy tube commute to the office. This provides her with the ideal opportunity to read and respond to emails (if she gets a seat!). She can also respond to a number of Teams chats.
Navigating the workday...
Once in the office, Rachel holds a quick team meeting and reviews the various business financial dashboards in order to provide updates to the CEO. She is also responsible for compliance, so many of the business processes have been automated with the most recent one being a GDPR subject access request. This data is reviewed to determine bottle-necks so business performance can be continually enhanced. 

For Rachel, having data at hand has significantly simplified the budgeting and forecasting processes. It helps her organisation understand how various trends have grown by reviewing their data, and enables the business to make further investments. Rachel also manages a number of critical projects involving technology, and often presents business cases to her board to demonstrate progress and the incurred costs. Having a fixed cost from the IT provider and weekly project summaries helps. Furthermore, post-project data is collected as to the impact of the change, this too is valuable to demonstrate the success to the board.
What really matters...
Because Rachel works in either the office or her home she uses her own PC from home which is securely separated from the business infrastructure; protecting the business from any exploits that may be on her home PC, she also has a laptop containing her work documents which are syncronised so she can work on this while traveling then, when back on the Internet, the documents automatically synchronise.
All this technology means she can be at home in time for her family dinner and some relaxation time with her husband.
Rachel's Working Style:
Uniti® Technologies used by Rachel:
Office Based
Client Location
Uniti® Technologies used by Andrea:
  • Microsoft Outlook 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop
  • Wavex UX Monitoring
  • Wavex GDPR tool
  • Wavex APEX® platform
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • APEX® Secure
  • Endpoint protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Wavex VIP Support Service
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