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As you'd expect, we recruit only the most highly-qualified engineers and support staff. However, what really sets our people apart is that they also posses strong interpersonal skills. Our recruitment process is designed to tick both boxes.

The company seems to be very good at recruiting – I’ve been impressed with the quality of the people it has. They know what they’re talking about and they’re very consistent. I’m very pleased with them.

Nigel Daruvalla, Oil Spill Response LTD

This isn't just because we like the idea of having bright, outgoing people around the office, and on the phone (we do, by the way). It's also because we genuinely believe that personable, communicative engineers do a better job than those who are less able to relate to individual clients and their specific needs.

Having attracted talented people, we continue to motivate and develop them via individualized training plans. This ensures that Wavex remains at the cutting edge of technological and market developments.

As the old saying goes, none of this is rocket science. But it does make a significant difference – a difference that underpins our ability to deliver faster, better quality results for our clients.

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