Oil and Mining


The Business Challenge

One of Wavex’s clients is in the Oil and Mining sector who we have supported for many years. During this time the company’s operations have seen significant change, having tripled the company headcount and expanded its global presence from 3 to 11 countries with new bases in 5 continents.

With such dramatic change in all areas of the business, the client’s requirements from IT have been fluid.

With technologies required to support remote working in some of the most hostile and poorly connected locations on earth, the flexibility required to integrate 3rd party services which complement the client’s traditional response services. This client needed a partner who could be relied upon to provide a responsive global service whilst maintaining the nimble approach required to respond to rapid and often unplanned change.


The Solution


Wavex have worked closely with the client over a number of years to support the expansion of their business. Specifically Wavex deployed the IT infrastructure into the new bases at Fort Lauderdale, Rio De Janeiro, and Singapore, adding data replication, remote access and other keys services to enable the business to operate in a truly global manner.

In addition to deploying new infrastructure and technologies, Wavex took on responsibility for the management of new application providers, providing a global single point of contact for the whole operation globally, regardless of the nature of the issue.

Following a strategic review by the client board in 2015, Wavex created the future technology strategy for the client’s business to enable the next phase of their businesses growth.


The Outcome


Wavex have been working with this client for many years. The client’s business has evolved significantly during this time and Wavex has worked in close partnership with the board there and their operational management, making incremental improvements to support the journey.

Whilst the size of the business has nearly tripled during that time, Wavex have worked hard to manage cost on the client’s behalf. In the last 2 years alone Wavex has delivered operational savings of over 40% when compared to the equivalent service available today.

Looking forward, Wavex has delivered an IT strategy that is both sympathetic to the current pressures on the Oil & Gas sector, but just as importantly, meets the client’s strategic objectives for the future.


Why Wavex?


Wavex’s ability to deliver ongoing technical evolution in a drastically changing global landscape has been invaluable to the client over an extensive period of time.

Wavex is proven to have made operational cost savings to the client of circa 40% in the last 24 months alone. This fantastic value for money, at a time when the Oil and Gas sector has been under increased financial pressure has demonstrated creativity and commitment to the partnership with the client.

With a truly board to board relationship, Wavex and the client have been able to work collaboratively, to deliver a technology strategy that will support this client well into the future.