Investment Industry


The Business Challenge

With billions of pounds under management for both private and institutional investors, one of our current clients in the Investment industry prides itself on having the most in depth understanding of the businesses they invest in for their client base.

To achieve this, all market research is carried out in house giving them a unique insight into the market. The competitive advantage this creates is one of the client’s biggest assets, intellectual property. This is something that is very closely guarded. For this reason, the client need to know that their data is highly secure, and that they have total control over their systems.

It is also critical to any business to manage cost, and with growth in China and the Far East becoming less predictable, it is essential for this client to ensure they are running efficiently


The Solution


Wavex recommended a private infrastructure hosted and supported on premise at the client’s site.

The on premise approach gives the client the confidence that their data is stored and secured right there in the building. They have total control of all change activity, and don’t have any third party interruptions to worry about.

Wavex provides two full time engineers, both familiar and experienced in the client’s business, to the extent that they are also trusted to provide technology support at the homes of the senior executives of the business.

The onsite engineers also have access to APEX, the Wavex IT Services Platform, which ensures the engineers have the right documentation and follow the correct processes at all times.

This means that the business systems are available around the clock for all of the staff, wherever they may be in the world, at any time of the day.


The Outcome


The client’s legacy systems were replaced in a controlled and systematic manner using industry best practice methodologies like Prince II and TOGAF.

Over the course of a 3 month project, the new systems were phased in, bringing in state of the art technology whilst carefully managing risk.

All user testing was carried out to a rigorous standard (including home access for senior management) and the new systems went live with no service interruption whatsoever.

To top it off, Wavex were able to reduce the cost of ongoing support by 20%!


Why Wavex?


Unlike many other providers, Wavex is not invested in any particular solution approach. We are therefore able to assess the client’s requirements and carefully match them to the right technology service.

Wavex were able to demonstrate the business case for the chosen approach. Not only was the Wavex model more cost effective than the alternatives, but the systems and tools delivered by Wavex offered significantly greater value.

Wavex has the skills to design, implement and manage all the technology the client required. Not only this, but we were able to demonstrate a level of flexibility, which gave the executives comfort even in their own homes.