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How John starts the day...
John is always busy, and begins by planning his day prior to the train commute to his central London office. He uses technology to be productive and stays on top of his  hectic schedule by reviewing his daily meetings within Outlook and active projects within Planner. John uses Teams to raise issues with appropriate groups, and often uses his mobile camera for video conferencing if he’s traveling; this way the team is fully engaged by him.
Navigating the workday...
As a senior manager John needs to review sensitive information, so adherence to GDPR and strict data security policies are of utmost importance.
His laptop and phone are all protected; and the data on them can be deleted remotely. 
In addition to a traditional anti-virus, John’s devices are continually assessed for vulnerabilities to keep his technology one-step ahead of the hackers.
Once in the office, he reviews the performance dashboards to determine whether his objectives are all on-track. John can monitor the businesses financial performance and operational activities in real-time and drill-down to investigate unusual trends.  
Occasionally he needs support from IT, he prefers to use the chat feature built into his laptop which immediately connects him to an engineer who quickly answers his query.
What really matters...
John is always busy, and begins by planning his day prior to the train commute to his central London office. Furthermore, during board meetings inevitable questions are raised which John immediately answer through the business dashboards available on his laptop. Having information at hand makes the identification of issues and trends easy. Where necessary John delegates – he provides temporary access to the appropriate datasets to empower his colleague.
And all this means John is home in time to spend some quality time with his family.
John 's Working Style:
Uniti® Technologies used by John:
Office Based
Client Location
Uniti® Technologies used by John:
  • Microsoft Office Suite 
  • APEX® App
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop
  • Microsoft Team
  • Wavex Client Advocacy
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • APEX® Secure
  • Endpoint protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication
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