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How Simon starts the day...
Simon is not technical and inherited the responsibility of IT within the business. He begins the day by streamlining communication between the IT function and the business, and often responds promptly to questions asked by his colleagues
Navigating the workday...
Although IT has many moving parts, Simon reviews everything from his IT dashboard. It shows him both the performance of the IT function delivery, as well as a real-time view of staff satisfaction. Since there are numerous 3rd party IT contracts, he reviews them on the dashboard to get invaluable information that helps him negotiate better terms for contract renewals. Simon also manages his IT budgets via the dashboard. This helps him ensure that IT services are kept within budget, and when it’s time for next year’s IT budget; all his costs are available on the IT commercial dashboard. In the past, the procurement of IT equipment was very complicated. But now, Simon easily handles purchases via the portal which follows the internal approval process designed by him.
What really matters...
Occasionally there is a serious issue like a power failure in the building. Although these are rare, Simon and his colleagues can continue working from anywhere using all the business applications in the exact state they were in when the power failed. Simon also meets various consultants who help him find suitable technology solutions to improve various aspects of the business.

With much of the information he needs to report to the Board online, Simon can quickly answer any questions that are raised and demonstrate how IT is supporting the business strategy.
Simon's Working Style:
Uniti® Technologies used by Simon:
Office Based
Client Location
Uniti® Technologies used by Simon:
  • Wavex Service Management 
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop
  • Wavex Support
  • APEX® IT Roadmap
  • APEX® Operations Dashboard
  • APEX® Commercial Dashboard
  • APEX® Business Continuity
  • Wavex Professional Services
  • APEX® Procurement Portal
  • APEX® IT Budget
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