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How Ian starts the day...
Ian is an office-based worker who is highly collaborative and open to new technology. He is heavily reliant on some core applications which require a lot of processing-power. Because Ian is one of the few people who can perform these tasks, he begins the day by clearing the backlog of work. He is always looking for ways of speeding up his work whether that be through improved technology or moving some workloads to the cloud.
Navigating the workday...
While in the office, Ian uses complex Excel macros which can take several minutes to complete. Since some of the macros only run on an older version of Excel, Ian was worried that he would be left with an older PC. However, he has the newest version of Excel installed on his PC and an icon he clicks when he needs to open the older version of Excel which provides him the best of both worlds. The nature of Ian’s work means he would normally have multiple tabs and windows opened at the same time; which uses a lot of computer resources. This calls for rock-solid IT so that he experiences no lag or downtime. The IT function continually monitors Ian’s experience and can tell him which applications are impacting his experience and often make suggestions to improve the performance.
What really matters...
Similar to Tracey, Ian also spends time with the client advocate from the IT firm. This session helps Ian to see ways of enhancing his use of technology – with so many new things emerging every week Ian rarely has the time himself to research better ways of working.
Ian 's Working Style:
Uniti® Technologies used by Ian:
Office Based
Client Location
Uniti® Technologies used by Ian:
  • Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Wavex Client Advocacy
  • Line-of-business Application Support
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • APEX® Secure
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