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How Martyn starts the day...
Martyn starts his regular work day by checking out the day’s newspaper while starting up his personal laptop, he prefers to use his own Mac as he is not a huge fan of PCs. Working from a home office, Martyn has fewer opportunities for in-person meetings and collaboration.
Navigating the workday...
To address the challenges of working from home, Martyn depends on multiple devices, unified communications (phone, telephone, video, chat) to bridge the gaps between him and his colleagues and clients. This way, Martyn stays abreast of the day’s happenings at the office. He also handles long duration calls with important clients for which he uses video which helps make the large physical distance between them feel smaller.
What really matters...
Because he uses his own laptop there are occasions where the kids use this for games; however his business data is not kept on his laptop so there are no security risks – even if his laptop turns off while he is working on a document he doesn’t lose anything
Martyn also needs access to a specialist product used only by businesses in his sector, he is able to securely access this though his Mac even though the software is only for PCs.
Martyn's Working Style:
Uniti® Technologies used by Martyn:
Office Based
Client Location
Uniti® Technologies used by Martyn:
  • Mac Client
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop
  • Microsoft Team
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • APEX® Secure
  • Endpoint protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication
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