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5 KPIs CIOs should be measuring but probably aren't

5 KPIs CIOs should be measuring but probably aren't.

Defining, measuring, and reviewing IT metrics helps IT leaders build a foundation for conversations about the value technology provides to the business. This article outlines a set of not so common metrics for evaluating IT investments, performance, and delivery.

  1. Full-time employees (FTEs) as a percentage of total IT staff capacityIT staffing levels can vary significantly by the size of the company. Companies with less than 200 to 500 employees typically have an IT staffing ratio of about 1:20, while companies with 500 or more employees have a ratio of about 1:40. Outsourcing provides an excellent alternative, providing the best of both worlds – good service at an economical price. A right IT partner can help you transition to a modern workplace which can help even reduce the IT staffing ratio.
  2. Percentage of systems covered by antivirus/anti-spyware softwareThis is a measurement of how well you are protecting your enterprise against the most basic information security threats. Your coverage of devices by these security tools should be in the range of 94% to 100%. Less than 90% coverage may be a cause of concern. You can repeat the network scan at regular intervals to see if coverage is slipping or holding steady.
  3. Adherence to budgeted expensesIs your IT spend consistently exceeding your budgeted spend? Is your IT department able to accurately forecast the IT spend? Accurate forecasting can help put your IT costs in control. Wavex provides customers with a reporting mechanism where they can see all aspects of IT in one place. Our customers get access to management dashboards and analysis around various IT trends from commercial to performance and consumption. Some examples of these reports are: Invoice Vendor Analysis, IT Consumption by department, Budgeting, Invoice Analysis, Vulnerability analysis etc.
  4. Service desk client satisfaction indexWhen it comes to service desk, quality of service, as measured by customer satisfaction, is critically important. Customer satisfaction is a measure of how effectively your IT support function conducts its business. Every organisation should be tracking customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  5. Backup and restore success rateDid you know, 3.8 million UK businesses do not adhere to backup best-practice – making their data highly vulnerable? When was last time you monitored your backup and restore success? Wavex regularly use Azure Cloud Backup as a core component of an IT transformation project. Azure Cloud Backup services gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it. Backup is designed to be a cost effective IT solution whether you’re interested in short or long-term retention.


Measuring all the KPIs in-house may become a challenge, You can enjoy the benefits of IT outsourcing, but retain the control of ‘in-house’, with co-sourcing. Bridge skill shortages with enterprise-grade expertise and retain operational control, but without additional fixed costs. To learn more download our 2020 outsourcing guide.

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