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"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." – Henry Ford

Technology is constantly changing and because of this we accommodate new developments by continually improving on what we do. Wavex is led by Gavin Russell who maintains a forward thinking, creative focus to his work; a trait that he enthuses throughout the company. Because of Wavex's drive to provide the best in IT solutions, we constantly invest in new technologies to keep ahead of our peers. By keeping up to date with evolving technologies we can offer outstanding and diverse services to our clients.

Having cutting edge technology is important for any successful business, but at Wavex we offer more than just reliable IT systems. Supported by a dedicated team of experienced senior executives and account managers, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ strategies and drivers. We are a business led company that helps others navigate their future. Since the launch of our new platform Apex, we have the facility to build a clear, positive strategy supported by accurate, analytical data. We integrate this information with our experience and understanding to maximise your company’s growth and productivity. The new platform supports our ability to provide quality, bespoke services specific to your industry, needs and company growth expectations.

At Wavex we ensure that our clients have the right solution according to their needs. We have an incredible in- house resource, but we also know our limitations. This is why sometimes we opt for engaging with our trusted partners to step in and compliment our services. Our use of third parties is transparent and we only use the very best, with whom we have excellent, long standing relationships. Because of the partnerships in place, we can offer the most up to date emerging technologies with support and assurance.

We offer excellence and expertise to each and every client. Wavex has an impressive reputation in the industry and is proud of its achievements and awards. We understand how companies work and integrate IT solutions with bespoke, business strategy programmes. Above all else, what we offer is integrity.

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