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At Wavex, our customers tell us that I.T. is working well for them when:

End-users are happy

Many IT providers focus too much on technology and not the people. At Wavex we have always believed in providing the best possible user-experience. To achieve this we have developed technology to continuously analyse the experience each person is having with their device and we employ the best people in the industry, highly skilled yet “non-techie” speaking engineers. This is just a couple of the ways we set out to deliver the best service.

Everything is secure

Ever since we solved the “I Love U” virus back in 2000, IT security has always been paramount to Wavex. In today’s hyper-connected world there are risks everywhere. Whether you need PCI compliance or not, all our solutions are assessed on their level of security. At the same time, we continually analyse your technology against a rapidly growing list of potential vulnerabilities so irrespective of the technology you have chosen, our security platform can rapidly react to possible new attacks.

IT has a business focus

Because many businesses experience of IT is poor, understandably they have come to see it as a means to an end. Whether a business is growing, opening new offices, or launching new services, Wavex believes that the right technology with the appropriate management will significantly help a business achieve its objectives. This is why all our solutions are built to align with our customer’s business strategy.

You receive good value

You want to focus upon your work without IT getting in the way. Whereas most IT providers simply sell PCs and hosting with a bit of Office 365, Wavex does much more than this. Our desire is not just to run your IT systems, but to help you and your colleagues get value from your IT investment while providing you guidance around areas to help your business. Since IT is only as good as the sum of the parts, Wavex delivers true value in the end-to-end management of all your IT components including your 3rd party technologies.

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