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Our services provide property management companies with the tools to run their organisations smoothly. There are so many factors to consider when managing a portfolio of properties or land. Whether it’s keeping on top of gas safety inspections or ensuring a plumbing contractor has the right information to process a maintenance request, Wavex offers an exceptional IT solution to maximise efficiency and promote clear channels of communication. We understand the complexity of the industry and what it is that property companies need in terms of IT scaffolding, to running their organisation smoothly and to avoid costly mistakes or an inefficient workflow.


Wavex can uniquely offer you a range of services:

  • Business Applications - We can provide you a facilities management platform to review your building floorplans and associate and report upon activities and remediation work
  • Risk - We provide clients access to our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform to help them manage risks within their business in a sector with ever more complex regulations
  • Efficiency - We provide clients custom workflows to better manage and review business processes
  • Understand - We provide real-time reports that show you all your IT Assets, licenses, software and warranties
  • Plan - We provide our dynamic roadmap which is continually updated by significant events within your business
  • Strategy - Our IT services are designed to align to support your business strategy
  • Secure - We provide clients our enterprise-grade secure cloud platform and APEX Secure which continually assesses the security risks of their devices


As with all of our services, and in accordance with our ethos of having a flexible approach when designing our IT systems, Wavex provides a range of solutions for residential, commercial, property and land management. The property industry is diverse and competitive. Let the business managers at Wavex talk you through what has worked for other companies in the property industry and how our services might be of benefit to you. Whatever specific requirements your company has, we can provide the latest technologies to assist in the growth and productivity of your business.

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