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Wavex is focussed on providing high quality IT infrastructure coupled with excellent customer service. We take responsibility for our clients across entire projects from start to finish. To ensure that we can offer the right solution, our trusted third parties are brought on board, where necessary, to complement our services. We acknowledge that we can’t be the expert in every field, but what we can’t do ourselves, we can provide by engaging in reliable third party assistance.

Our management skills and positive communication style enable us to work with others to offer you a unique and effective solution, without us losing control of your project. So, when you have a question about progress or implementation, for example, you still only need to contact us. We are fully accountable whether third parties are involved or not and will always ensure that your project is carefully monitored, every step of the way.

We are proud to be a Gold Partner, and work with Microsoft to bring you the most innovative developments and solutions. Wavex is also a member or the Microsoft SMB Advisory Council, where we influence Microsoft strategic decisions in order to benefit our clients. Having won the prestigious BT Innovative Sale of the Year award in 2015, we are delighted of the recognition that our company deserves. The Innovative Sale of the Year award is BT's acknowledgement that Wavex is a valued partner and that we embrace BT's new services and solutions. The award provides industry recognition that our partnerships are about moving forward together, as market leaders. With these solid relationships in place, we have advance access to new technology and the ability to escalate problems, if necessary, to senior technicians; resulting in a faster, better service for our clients.

"Wavex are one of our most forward thinking and knowledgeable partners in the Managed Services arena. We work together and actively test our end customer strategies with Wavex as they are well positioned to help us create the relevant services that businesses require. Without customers like Wavex we find it difficult to respond to the needs of the customer."

Brent McCarty, UK Managing Director, Ingram

“Customers need to work with organisations that will provide them with the latest technological solutions that will help them compete. BT Business Partner Sales work with Wavex to extend reach into the marketplace but it is not just about product reach. The customer focus which Wavex has, along with their knowledge and experience make this a great partnership which continues to grow.”

Martin Clarke, General Manager, BT Business Partner Sales

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