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1950 Digital Revolution

A shift in the economy from industrialised production to information and computerisation began. Huge mobile phones were just the start.

The seed that was to become the need for managed service providers was planted.


Gavin Russell is the founder of Wavex and leads the company by example. As the CEO, Gavin’s background in software engineering has enabled him to carry the business forward and continue to engage in embracing new technology. Having previously been responsible for providing infrastructure services, and with ambition and drive, it was a natural progression to launch Wavex. The company has since become one of the leading IT solutions and business strategy providers. Wavex maintains its success by channelling its focus on creating exceptional IT solutions with excellent client relationships. It is important to Wavex that solutions and services work in alliance with one another, providing the very best services to assist companies in developing their operations. 

Fear phase
The ethos of the company has always been the same – to deliver innovative, IT solutions enabling its customers to Experience Excellence. Gavin always knew that to run a successful IT company it was important to offer enterprise quality services to the market that were both reliable and cutting edge. ‘’Starting the business from nothing was a mixture of excitement and fear – the focus was on quality, it was always to deliver excellent service. For me, at the beginning and especially before I needed to pay hundreds of salaries, I valued a client’s praise much more than their pounds’’ - Gavin Russell 

Development phase
By the year 2000 the customer revolution had been established and it was time to look at what else Wavex could offer, in addition to reliable managed IT solutions. With a reputation for thinking ahead and developing new ideas it was an obvious move to continue to create innovative solutions for customer challenges. Creations such as NETi, MonX, Life-Signs, CMS & Client Extranet came to fruition. Wavex was growing from strength to strength and in 2002 the company welcomed industry recognition as the awards began to flood in. As the company continued to grow, Wavex needed to find bigger premises to accommodate a fast expanding workforce, and relocated in 2014 to the heart of the city in the prestigious Kingsfield House. Substantial investments were made to the Wavex platform and to this day it continues on a positive and exciting trajectory.


A commitment to service proved popular.  Awards started to flood in. These covered many facets of the business from its products & services to the fast growth the company had recorded.

Growth phase

As word got about, the company grew quickly. Doubling in size in just 18 months.

Restructure phase

At this point we sharpened our focus. WAVEX entered a new era with a sharp new focus on the London professional market.

The processes and procedures the company had relied upon needed to change in order to deal with the changing IT landscape.

We commenced a large change programme to ensure the appropriate technology was always at our fingertips - this allowed us to continue to provide an industry leading service to our customers.

Investment phase

Having established a renowned market presence as the premier IT solutions provider, Wavex could see that there was also a need for services which could look at business strategy in alliance with their technologies – hence APEX® was created.

The APEX® platform takes many of it's capabilities from the large enterprise market and provides these to smaller organisations. It is an exciting solution which enables businesses to align their technology to their business strategy.  It helps management to make improvements to business services and run operations more efficiently.

This capability is unique and has opened the floodgates for companies looking to use technology to improve productivity throughout an organisation, with a simple, cost effective solution. 

APEX®Secure is our newest addition to the APEX® platform providing Wavex clients an integrated proactive security platform; designed to detect risks across their organisation.

We craft our future everyday.
Every customer we serve, every project we deliver, every experience we foster.
We are building our future to bring  innovative ways that deliver for our clients.
We will provide customers with a greater degree of visibility around their internal operations, helping them orchestrate and drive efficiencies, and developing new partner relationships to broaden our service offerings.

“Confusion and anxiety can often precede change, the IT sector is changing faster now than ever before. Wavex will continue supporting our clients to ensure they can leverage the solutions available to help them achieve their business objectives. That was my passion at the beginning, and it remains our passion today.”, Gavin Russell, Wavex CEO

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