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During a merger the IT department is tasked with three competing priorities:

  1. Keeping business running as usual
  2. Combining two separate IT departments operating systems/hardware into one
  3. Provide support for other business functions such as finance or operations.


When two companies merge, working out the innumerable details that need to be taken care of can be a pain for everyone involved. One of the biggest stressors in a merger is bringing together IT departments. It’s difficult and, in most cases, extremely complicated.

It’s important to understand all the technological requirements created by the merger. It’s crucial to understand the IT resources on both sides of the merger and develop a plan of how to integrate the two as seamlessly as possible.

The chief information officer and other C-suite executives must work together to combat problems before they arise. They need to have systems in place for working out the kinks, as well as strategies that will ensure a smooth transition. At Wavex we have been helping companies do this for years.

We help our clients by:

Assessing where you currently stand

We help you assess your software, hardware, network systems, home-built programs specifically tailored to your business and the enterprise platforms you’re utilising and then assist you in separating the necessary information and systems from the unnecessary, this results in a much smoother integration.

We start simply by asking looking to answer some fundamental questions: 
  • Do you have the right sort of systems or are new ones needed in certain areas, or is consolidation the most applicable way forward? 
  • Do you have the right sort of people looking after your technology or would outsourcing parts of the IT be the most effective? 
  • Are the systems you are acquiring reliable? Are your and their systems compatible? 
  • What happens when there is a problem or disaster, what kind of precautions has the company you are buying or merging with put into place to deal with these situations?
Creating a detailed guide

We create a comprehensive timeline and guide to the merger. Dividing up projects and worst-case scenario plans. We help you decide what you can consolidate and how to combine the two separate entities into one strong system for all users. We always try and use the existing infrastructure to reduce the costs, and only recommend new systems where appropriate and a business case for them can be commercially justified.

Company mergers are an opportunity for all involved, done right the vision of the executives that led to the merger or management buyout can be realised for maximum benefit, at Wavex we help you realise this.

Client Examples

Separation from a Parent company

One of our clients was part of a large banking group, after the recent financial crisis the parent company decided to restructure its operations as part of its strategy for the future, this resulted in our client being sold to the senior management team. Our client was now in a position of needing to stand its own for IT and could no longer being able to rely on its parent companies IT resources.

They issued an ‘Invitation to Tender’ which we responded to and won. Wavex were chosen due to our experience of buyout and M&A IT work.

We provided a new IT infrastructure throughout, including migrating all their data from the parent companies network to a new one we built for them, in addition to this we moved them onto the Wavex ‘Full IT Outsourced Support’ Service.

The end result was that the client was able to transition their operations smoothly after the buyout and able to focus on their day-to-day business without any disruption or operational risk before, during and after the transition.



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