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Infrastructure audits and reviews

    Wavex takes a rigorous - yet commercial - approach to infrastructure audits, analysing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future improvements.

    Our experience of managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments means that we are well placed to understand how best to configure infrastructure for an individual client seeking our advice.

    Our consultants and senior engineers are well qualified to benchmark your IT environment against industry best practice and emerging technology opportunities.

    The core aim of a Wavex infrastructure audit is to deliver back a report and set of recommendations outlining the current position, identifying shortfalls and risks, and suggesting future improvements.

    We work with business leaders who demand quality in all they do. People who believe in excellence. We’re not for everyone & that allows us to focus on the people that really count.

    The excellence seekers, quality hunters & forward thinking business leaders.
    We also understand that benchmarking against the “ideal” is only useful up to a point. As business pragmatists, we recognise that useful recommendations must also consider cost (and return on investment) in addition to technical specification and performance.

    Infrastructure design & implementation

      Wavex works in close partnership with clients to design an IT infrastructure that is specific to their organisation and their evolving needs.
      Whether you are setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an ageing network or expanding network capacity, you can rely on Wavex to provide the design and delivery skills required to partner you from initial briefing through to final handover.

      We have experience of installing and managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments for a wide range of clients in different sectors, and at
      different stages of business maturity. Above all, we understand that there is a balance to be struck between leveraging investment in existing infrastructure and new investment in an optimal solution.

      Our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible environment upon which business applications and solutions can be built cost effectively. The right network will neatly mirror your business and its operational requirements. The right solution
      is as individual as your business and your brand. Defining, designing and delivering such individualised solutions is a core Wavex skill

      Infrastructure support & maintenance

        Wavex has the people and the technology to ensure that your core infrastructure remains an asset you can rely on to deliver business value. Your IT infrastructure is the framework that allows your organisation to function.

        Whether your business is spread across multiple sites, or concentrated in a single area of activity, in today's technology dependent economy, very little business can be transacted if your IT infrastructure fails.

        As the old proverb says: “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. If one key component in your network fails, there is no network, however well maintained and resilient other components may be. Wavex understands these crucial business truths.
        is as individual as your business and your brand. Defining, designing and delivering such individualised solutions is a core Wavex skill

        Business intelligence services

          In partnership with QlikTech, we transform raw business data into intuitively presented management information, designed to enable faster senior decision-making.

          Most successful businesses have rigorous systems for capturing, storing and securing their data. But as businesses grow, and as data sources proliferate across networks and servers, managers at all levels can find it increasingly difficult to gather the information snap-shot that they need to make key decisions quickly.

          As one business writer put it: many modern businesses are drowning in data, and yet thirsty for information! All too often, critical data is stored in multiple locations and presented in significantly different ways. This makes it difficult to aggregate,
          and can make that vital information snap-shot almost impossible to create.

          Wavex consultants are trained to deliver a proven solution to such problems: Qlikview. Qlikview is the world’s fastest growing management information and business intelligence platform. It is simpler, faster and more flexible than previous generations of such applications. And Qlikview is priced to make sense for smaller and medium sized businesses.

          User support & training

            Wavex's IT support service is designed around the needs of clients and their individual users. Our engineers, backed by the power of The Wavex platform, deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

            User IT support and training is a people business. It is people who experience the everyday problems that stand in the way of efficient working. Equally, it takes other well qualified people to resolve such problems satisfactorily.

            Acknowledging this, we put exceptional amounts of effort into recruiting talented, motivated problem-solvers, who genuinely enjoy human interaction. Wavex support engineers are all technical experts, able to resolve IT problems swiftly.

            But, equally importantly, we recruit to ensure that they also have exceptional interpersonal skills. These high quality people are then supported with market leading support systems (The Wavex platform), and work within a culture where success is always measured in terms of client satisfaction, and where constant self-improvement is the norm.

            Client feedback directly impacts on Wavex engineers' bonuses, providing them with an additional reason to meet and exceed needs and expectations.


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