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Wavex acknowledges the importance of ensuring your fee-makers can work unhindered by IT issues.  We believe IT should be well-managed, secure, robust in dealing with hardware failures, and scalable to deal with the demands you place upon it. Moreover, with growing compliance, data-protection reforms, and regulations, having a robust IT solution is often a legal requirement.

Whether you are working on client matters or in court, IT should make it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues and access information as and when required, safe in the knowledge your data is secure and your IT services will continue even if something goes wrong.


At Wavex we firmly believe that an IT strategy should align and support the business strategy. It is only when one is supporting the other that IT provides the greatest value to an organisation and its staff. At Wavex we have designed applications specifically to help manage IT strategy.

Our services are quite unlike any offered by other IT providers. We see our role as delivering everything you need to help your business succeed. Whether you are looking to take advantage of secure cloud technologies, refreshing your internal systems, adding redundancy, reviewing business processes, or simply need someone to phone when you or your colleagues have IT challenges – we are here to help.

We are also the creator of APEX® - our business services platform designed to make IT more manageable and transparent with business reports that help inform subsequent decisions. APEX® provides a range of unique capabilities for end-users, IT managers, and partners.

 Some of the additional capabilities

  • Risk - We provide clients access to our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform to help them manage risks within their business in a sector with ever more complex regulations
  • Efficiency - We provide clients custom workflows to better manage and review business processes
  • Understand - We provide real-time reports which show you all your IT Asset, licenses, software and warranties
  • Plan - We provide our dynamic roadmap which is continually updated by significant events within your business
  • Strategy - Our IT services are designed to align to support your business strategy
  • Secure - We provide client our APEX Secure platform which continually assesses the security risks of their devices


With a secure and solid IT system provided by Wavex, you’ll benefit from peace of mind that we can provide the tools for you to achieve your goals. Our services enhance strategic planning, enabling you to focus on your area of expertise in the knowledge that there is a secure system in the background supporting operations throughout your company.

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