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Insurance companies face many challenges in a competitive and fast changing industry. Companies that have engaged in our services have discovered how much more efficiently they operate since using our solutions, by minimising risk and maximising organisational growth. The team at Wavex have worked closely with various insurance organisations to develop the systems we offer, and as a result can provide a number of vigorously tested IT solutions specifically designed for your industry. By using our services, companies are able to reach new markets and increase profitability. Wavex has devised numerous IT solutions to assist the streamlining of front and back-office processes, which mean that company costs are efficiently managed, better contained and of course more profitable.


Some of the services you receive as a Wavex customer:

  • Risk - We provide clients access to our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform to help them manage risks within their business in a sector with ever more complex regulations
  • Efficiency - We provide clients custom workflows to better manage and review business processes
  • Understand - We provide real-time reports which show you all your IT Asset, licenses, software and warranties
  • Plan - We provide our dynamic roadmap which is continually updated by significant events within your business
  • Strategy - Our IT services are designed to align to support your business strategy
  • Secure - We provide clients our APEX Secure platform which continually assesses the security risks of their devices
  • Simple - Your colleagues have multiple ways they can engage with IT to support their working styles


Wavex provides services across the insurance industry, providing support to companies with complex needs. From the medium sized businesses with just two or three departments, to large scale inter-departmental organisations, Wavex provides solutions that are easy to integrate, providing a secure and reliable IT system.

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