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GDPR Automated Data Discovery


The GDPR Automated Data Discovery tool helps businesses quickly review all their unstructured data and determine the location and ownership associated with their numerous file repositories. 

"The Wavex GDPR tool saved my firm months of reviewing our files", CFO



The GDPR discovery system is designed to focus at the digital domain; in particular, unstructured data. This is data stored in unstructured file types like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs and text files. In comparison, structured data is often stored within a database where personal identifiable data is often easy to review because it resides in specific tables.

However, there is no easy way of determining the personal information within all your documents.


The GDPR discovery system is designed to search all unstructured data on Microsoft file servers and provide a list of the user information found. It has been developed to cause minimal impact to the performance of your servers although this is at the expense of a slightly longer discovery duration.

The discovery tool provides businesses the following insight into their data:- 

  • Owner concentric view - Owners of files containing personal identifiable information
  • Folder concentric view - Folders containing user identifiable information
  • Large repositories - Files containing large volumes of user identifiable information
  • Person search - Location of files containing specific personal information
  • Chronological report - The creation of user identifiable information over time
  • Data type - Reports looking at the types of data used to hold personal identifiable information
  • Credit cards - Detection of credit card numbers within documents

Wavex also provide the means to customise the reports to address specific business requirements.

Once the discovery has completed the data can be used to quickly address various access requests; quickly identifying the files containing individuals personal identifiable information.

If you wish to read a high-level view of the functions please see our PDF Overview document.


The tool is provided so that clients can continue to use this for both initial discovery purposes but also audit and reviewing the location of requested personal identifiable information.


 A free download is available which is capable of scanning 50,000 files.  Please read the "Setup Instructions" within the download prior to running the application.


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