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Over £10,000* of FREE business software with every new contract

*Actually, the figure is far larger - but if we wrote that in our advert you wouldn't believe us!

At Wavex, great I.T. is far more than simply fixing problems, for our clients it is about having happy end-users, ensuring everything is secure, I.T. has a business focus, and having access to the best business applications. Yet, due to their cost, the best applications are often out of reach to anyone other than large corporations; that is, until now.

Wavex has customised the market leader in business management applications in order to be both appropriate for our clients businesses and compliment our IT service offering, providing our clients access to some of the same applications used by companies like KPMG, Sony, Sky and BUPA to name a few. We call our platform the APEX Business Platform.

As a Wavex client these applications provide you:
  • improved governance with better visibility, reporting and control;
  • easy management of IT and 3rd parties;
  • a superior service experience and quality for you and your colleagues; and
  • better management of business risks.
Furthermore, many businesses are worried about lengthy (and expensive) implementation projects. Wavex has designed a unique implementation program providing clients a rapid, low-risk, deployment.

What you receive

The applications we provide to you as a managed IT services client are all part of our APEX Business platform .

These are:
  • Asset management – in many businesses it can be challenging to keep on top of all your IT assets.  Our market-leading platform makes this easy to manage and report on what you own.
  • Contract management – this application provides you an easy way to manage your warranties, leases, certificates, domain renewals and other IT  related contractual agreements.
  • License management– a single repository of all your software which is automatically maintained and updated. We can also provide real-time reports on your usage to support floating license agreements.
  • Procurement – providing a portal akin to an “Amazon” for business, this makes it easy for your colleagues to purchase from a suitable list of compatible IT products with appropriate approval workflows.
  • Knowledge management– help both us and you share information with your colleagues in order to assist them in being productive.
For those working within the financial services sector, insurance or other regulated industries, we can also provide access to the leading Risk, Compliance & Governance platform.

And if you are looking for Wavex to compliment an existing IT function, we can also provide your engineers the leading ITSM (IT Service Management) platform so our engineers and your engineers can easily work and collaborate together.

This is just a small part of our unique offering to our clients.

We would be delighted to show you the many ways Wavex is

leading the way in IT Managed Services.

Flexible and easy to understand reporting:

Business aligned workflows and approval processes:

Visualise your contracts and their expiry on a graphical timeline:

Review up-to-date details on your assets and software:

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