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For Financial Services businesses IT is mission-critical where downtime has a huge impact on the business, its reputation and potential regulatory and compliance implications.

Wavex provides exceptional services for clients who expect quality and reliability as part of their company infrastructure. We support organisations in the financial sector to grow their businesses and mitigate risk, by providing reliable and highly secure technology systems as the foundation of their operations. With experience in delivering responsive services, coupled with the ability to create custom built solutions to meet client’s specific needs, Wavex prides itself on its unique service-offering and impressive reputation in the industry. We are the chosen partner for asset management, private equity, hedge funds and investment management organisation. 

Our clients also benefit from APEX®. As regulatory obligations increase, APEX® brings value to a business by focusing on where the processes are working and where improvements are needed, for instance, what is the process your firm follows should data be lost? APEX® provides you control and detailed information to make the decisions that matter, and without costing the earth. Add this to the ability to be able to see how each staff member is using IT, review all your assets, and your IT Strategy, it enables an efficient IT service with clever budgeting and reliable financial forecasting.

If you, like us, believe that well managed IT is an investment in your business, then get in touch to discuss our services. If this is something that you’re not convinced about, then why not let us talk to you about your options? There is no hard sell or any obligation, we would simply be delighted to discuss with you how we have helped other, similar businesses and what we could do for you.

Some of the unique services you receive from Wavex:

  • Risk - We provide clients access to our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform to help them manage risks within their business in a sector with ever more complex regulations
  • Workflow - We help clients manage business processes in order to reliably control change, review efficiency and focus innovation
  • Understand - We provide real-time reports which show you all your IT Asset, licenses, software and warranties and even the end-user experience of using IT
  • Plan - We provide our dynamic roadmap which is continually updated by significant events within your business
  • Strategy - Our IT services are designed to align to support your business strategy
  • Secure - We provide client our APEX Secure platform which continually assesses the security risks of all their devices


Our business managers have a wealth of knowledge as well as a personable manner. Spare us a few minutes of your time to have a conversation, and allow us the opportunity to show you the solutions and services that will make a difference.

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