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Pay per use, flexible cloud solutions 


The Wavex secure cloud services provide businesses with numerous benefits. With so much choice and jargon filled terminology in the industry, it can be difficult to know if a cloud service is right for you. At Wavex, we have a team of experienced consultants and engineers who can help guide you through the process and understand whether the cloud is suitable for your needs. What is more, Wavex is supplier agnostic which means we choose the cloud platform that best suits your business requirements.

Wavex business cloud services offers you a unique range of services

  • True cloud - Our solution is not "hosting" but offers you a true cloud cost model where all your servers share the same resource and computing pool. What this translates to is the most efficient use of your investment.
  • Strategy - Our IT services are designed to align to support your business strategy
  • We provide enterprise-grade security with both disk-level encryption and compliance tools built-in. We also compliment our cloud platform with APEX Secure which continually assesses the security risks of your devices both inside and outside your network
  • Consolidation - We take a more strategic view of the cloud and look to consolidate your infrastructure which keeps your cloud and on-going management costs to a minimum
Read the Wavex article in the Sunday Telegraph on how companies are making a considerable saving when moving to the cloud by using Wavex's unique migration in cloud monitoring services. Click here

"We had heard of cloud and hosted solutions, who hasn’t now, but we weren’t sure if it was right for us. Wavex helped us understand the concepts and apply them to our requirements so we could make an informed decision on where we use cloud in our overall strategy."

Wavex client from the Financial sector

Wavex has an excellent reputation in hosted services and pure cloud technologies. Having accomplished numerous complex but successful migrations, we are the first choice for many when it comes to opting for cloud services.

Moving to a cloud offering is an important decision and not always the right one, which is why it is imperative that thorough consideration is made prior to any change to your business. We pride ourselves on a collective thinking process with our clients, to ensure that whenever a new system is implemented, it’s because the change will be of benefit to you.

With experts on hand to offer consultation services in relation to cloud migrations, it’s an obvious choice to give our team a call and see how we can help.

cloud infrastructure projects

To ensure a straightforward transition we engage in a thorough pre-migration process with all of our clients. Initially we start by taking your existing framework, developing the target infrastructure and then carefully migrating your data. Our service is from start to finish, and we make sure that everything is fully operational before we take our foot off the pedal. For example, so that you get the very best from the migration, we offer in house training to make sure that all of your workforce fully benefit from the new system.

We pride ourselves in performing these operations with minimal impact on your time or resources.



cloud readiness projects

By using our cloud readiness service, you’ll benefit from an experienced consultancy process. We look carefully at the data to check that what you’re migrating over is no more than you need, helping you avoid unnecessary storage costs. To allow for a trouble free migration process, we will also look at all aspects of your current data to ensure your application requirements are ready for transition.

It is important to remember that one of the biggest expenditures in using the cloud is the cost of storage. It may be more cost effective for you to move to an on-premise solution. At Wavex we have created our own analysis solutions, which keep the costs down without compromise.

Our cloud readiness service is a valuable solution to any business, saving you additional and unnecessary costs when in the cloud.




cloud extrication projects

We understand that your requirements can change and sometimes this might mean moving back to an on-premise solution.

Wavex specialises in providing client focussed solutions, which means that you won’t be tied into service contracts. Flexibility is important in the systems we design and in the customer service we provide too.



cloud backup

Wavex understands how important it is to have a durable service on offer. Because of this, we have developed a scalable capacity which runs to many Petabytes. Our backup service is secure and robust, providing reliable data management solutions.

We offer tiered storage options, so that you only pay for what you need. Our sliding scale of costs means that you are charged according to your storage and recovery times, making this a cost effective solution for many businesses.




cloud monitoring


Whether it is assessing your cloud solution or your cloud provider, the Wavex Lifesigns platform can monitor, report, and resolve IT issues proactively. With one of the most progressive monitoring solutions, we find ourselves better equipped to pre-empt and avoid a problem, rather than resolving it and attending to the consequences.

The importance of having a robust, monitored system cannot be underestimated. At Wavex we keep a close eye on what is happening with your valuable data, ensuring its security and reliability at all times.



small business cloud

If you are looking for a reliable out of house solution, but think that the costs or commitment are extensive of your company’s needs, then why not consider our small business cloud solution. With our hosted, multi-tenanted service we can provide your IT infrastructure outside of your organisation.



wavex enterprise cloud

For those with large server estates the enterprise cloud is useful as a scalable and flexible solution. The service offers the facility to meet your production, backup, disaster recovery and high availability needs. The enterprise cloud is ideal for medium to large organisations which require flexibility to be able to scale up or down without being restricted by outsourced service providers. We have a variety of options designed to accommodate your business drivers including security, flexibility, accessibility, and location - data sovereignty.



microsoft cloud services

At Wavex we can manage, migrate and monitor your services. With our flexible approach to client management, we engage in positive relationships bringing longevity to many of our contracts. This service is useful for any company operating Office 365 environments.



private cloud

The private cloud is ideal for those organisations that want to benefit from using the cloud concepts while maintaining control and flexibility. Running a successful business can sometimes mean that you want the facility to be fully in control of your operations without compromising on privacy or jurisdiction. By using a private cloud, you have just that.

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