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Keep your Data Safe in the Cloud, or on-premise.

Where ever your data resides there is always a risk of loss. Even organisations benefiting from public Cloud will note that providers rarely take contractual responsibility for data, and even those that do, the cover is often insufficient to remedy accidental deletions or overwriting important documents.

Wavex has a range of data management options to suit the requirements of any organisation; large or small and flexible enough to work anywhere, whether you are already in the cloud or have your own on-premise servers. The appropriate solution will depend upon your requirements. Our data specialist will work with you to understand your business objectives and recommend the appropriate solution.

Choosing the right size

[client quote….. Wavex managed to halve our backup costs by analysing….]

It is likely you rarely use some of your files, so why pay to keep them on your production environment when an archiving service would be more cost effective?
Because the volume of your data is directly proportional to the backup costs. We aim to keep costs to a minimum by analysing all your data to determine what is often in use, what rarely gets used, the types of files and a range of other insights into your datasets.

Next steps
  • Understand your business needs and your data
  • Recommend the appropriate solution
  • Deliver solution


Enterprise Backup – For those with large server estates, a scalable and flexible solution to meet your Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability needs.
Small Business Essentials Backup – Got one or two servers, this service provides you protection in a cost-effective way.
CloudSafe – add a layer of protection to your public or private Cloud solution

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