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The future of IT Services

Imagine a more responsive, effective and better performing service than ever before. One that will also facilitate a broader range and greater depth of services to your whole company via SaaS (software-as-a-service); user self-help, procurement, real-time management information and workflow management, all accessed via your PC, tablet or smart-phone.

We believe this platform represents not only a step-change in functionality for our clients, but also the most complete and compelling service proposition in our sector. This is part of our vision of the future of IT services; empowered-staff, flexible services and easily integrated work-flows – an ambitious vision and one that has already won us the BT innovative partner award.

User Experience

Our new platform will deliver a vastly improved user-experience with multiple ways for end-users to engage with IT. The lines between business-hours, non-business hours, office and home are blurring. Individuals often are more productive when they have a good balance between their work and personal lives but to achieve this individuals need the right tools to work remotely and securely, at different times of the day (or night!).

The Wavex business services platform delivers multiple ways of supporting your workforce. We have developed a mobile and tablet app, providing access to a purchasing portal, knowledge articles, policies and support issues all from the device of their choice. Users can buy standard business devices for pre-defined prices with the knowledge they will go through the appropriate approval process, be set-up to their exact specifications and be ready on the day required. Users can also kick-off business processes safe in the knowledge that this will go to the right approvers and be actioned by the right fulfilment teams. For instance, imagine your sales team able to start a new opportunity process from a prospects office via their mobile, so the business is ready to respond before they arrive back at base, saving valuable time in responding to a prospect.

This and much more is available via our business services platform. Our IT services really are in the palm of the users hands.


IT Management

Our Business Services platform empowers IT Managers with a range of real-time reports covering both service-levels and business processes. For those managers with their own on-premise team of IT staff or developers, Wavex can extend the platform to provide the on-premise team with full access and functionality to a service-desk application, in order to deliver managers visibility around support volumes, development team performance and other operational performance KPIs.

Furthermore, in our hyper-connected world of Cloud services the Wavex platform pulls together all your technology vendors, helping you stay abreast of contracts, KPIs, and SLAs, and complimented with our technical teams and leading IT monitoring solution, provides a leading support framework for those companies considering cloud services.


Business unit managers (coming soon)

In many businesses there is often significant investment in line-of-business (LoB) applications as these support the competitive differentiation of their organisation. This however means other non-core areas of the business either have no supporting systems or those they may have are old, under developed or not supportable.

Wavex’s business services platform is able to provide clients a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for a range of business functions from HR, Asset Management, and Facilities Management, to Financial Management and Risk & Compliance with Wavex providing the support, updating the processes as and when required. What is more, these applications can be deployed without expensive implementation projects so you get many of the benefits quickly and without the costs.

We believe this is the future of IT Services. 

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