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Business I.T. Services


Wavex provides countless options in the safe knowledge that all of our services are reliable and cost effective.



remote working solutions

Wavex provides successful businesses with the facility to work remotely without compromising on network security. With our help, your team can work to maximum output, regardless of their location. Our services provide solutions for email, office desk top and company extra-net, which are both cost effective and reliable.


For high quality ‘in office’ solutions, Wavex enables the services by linking the right devices depending on your needs to reliable, proven systems. The result of which is excellent productivity from your employees without losing a minute of the working day.



office 365

Office 365 operates on an integrative platform which allies itself with Microsoft’s Online Services strategy. By accommodating Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync it is accessible via a cloud service, making it a must for any successful business. The services are available for a monthly fee and there is no need for an upfront capital payment.

Because Wavex is one of Microsoft’s key UK partners, and a member of its global Partner Advisory Council, we have privileged insight into developmental process. The services we offer can reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure as well as giving you peace of mind that we are here to support your needs.

"For Wavex, Office 365 is a fantastic way of bringing the Microsoft experience to any size of client in an easy to manage method that works for the client. In the current economic climate it is vital we have solutions that fit the requirements and the budget and 365 does that for many clients."
Tom Fiore-Burt, Service Delivery Manager

There are numerous ways to deliver Office 365 and we understand each clients’ requirements will be different. If you are interested in our services, talk to us about how Wavex can help maximise the technology available, leaving you more time to get on with what you do best.



advisory service

The Wavex Advisory Team assists companies in their IT strategy and planning. We look at how your business is evolving and how technical improvements can form an alliance that is compatible with company development.

With our expertise in business planning and IT, we provide valuable services to maximise your investment in technology.  We offer:
  • Advising on integration challenges following a merger
  • Assisting clients to make best use of their business data
  • Helping organisations to increase efficiency via enhanced productivity and reduced costs

For more information about how we can help you plan for the future with confidence, get in touch and speak to one of the team.



business recovery

Without IT it’s impossible to run a successful business. Wavex offers various risk management and recovery services specifically developed to ensure any down time has as little effect on your business as possible. We understand how critical it is to be online and fully operational at all times. What Wavex can do is provide stability and support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



strategic technology alignment

Business strategy means ongoing developments, and your IT system should work in partnership with company planning. It is often the case that companies work towards their goals and don’t upgrade their IT systems to accommodate the new developments. To ensure your technology can support your changing needs and integrate a developmental process, Wavex delivers a wide range of services engaging in the evolution of products and technologies.



business services

At Wavex we offer a wide range of services providing excellent IT solutions. Because we are a people focussed company, our approach is to work with you to produce exactly the right IT technologies that your company deserves. It is important for us to get it right first time, which is why we give our clients the space to consider and reflect on what it is they want. Our job is to listen, innovate and supply.

It’s only when our clients are satisfied with our services - that we are too.



Wavex customer immersion

It can be a daunting experience when choosing new technology and systems. At Wavex we understand what an important and yet difficult decision this can be, which is why we created our Customer Immersion Experience suite. This is a cutting edge facility which enables our clients to experience our technology to find out first hand whether it’s right for them or not.

The Immersion Experience is an innovative formation designed for you to road test our solutions, enabling you to make the right decision; without committing to a service that might not be what you’re looking for. The Customer Immersion Experience is key to making an informed choice about how our solutions can benefit your company.



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