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Sales and Marketing is often thought of as the backbone of improving the performance of any business. Its role is to facilitate growth in an ever-changing market. The expectation to drive forward and expand on current infrastructure puts pressure to deliver the goods and improve profitability.

The Apex app offers to accommodate a considerable amount of the task in hand, by processing the analysis of areas of productivity rendering it much more time efficient and reliable. The Apex platform provides better reporting and a clear picture of where workflow is operating to its fullest potential and where there are bottlenecks in productivity. The great thing about the Apex app is that it can look at each PC user as an individual, returning information about the relationship between every user and their PC. No two reports will be the same as we all work differently and are bound to have areas where we are more or less efficient. By having this sort of information to hand does not mean chastising employees, but making positive changes to help them work more efficiently.

The Apex app empowers Sales and Marketing departments to take a closer look at what is occurring within the infrastructure, and how and where improvements can be made.

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