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No two companies are the same. They may express a similar ethos or infrastructure but often there is more to a successful corporation than systems and profits alone. With the demand on Operational departments to coordinate, direct and plan from a back office perspective, reliable reporting and robust processes are essential for progress. Apex presents information about your workforce, your workflows, and your IT assets and licenses.

The Apex platform supports Operations to be able to access a customisable service catalogue. While the facility to enable collaboration and reduce operating costs are clearly identified by using the app, it also provides a robust platform to build better business workflows.


To summarise a few of the benefits:

  • Reporting - real-time reporting which covers your assets, software, licenses, warranties
  • Efficiency - customisable business workflows to both manage processes and review inefficiencies
  • User-Experience - offer your colleagues a customer service-catalogue to make any business request via the desktop or mobile app
  • Informed - utilise an array of notifications methods from SMS, desktop popup, email, push-notifications, whatever works best for you
  • Manage - work with us to better manage your other IT partners and assess their performance


With flexible service agreements and unified monitoring, the Apex platform brings innovations right to the heart of a company and compliments the other suite of business applications and IT services Wavex offer.

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