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We believe every IT service must deliver business value and as opposed to talking IT jargon, this value should be presented in a way business managers and executives understand.

Apex brings value to a business by focussing on where workflow is good and where improvements are needed, and most importantly where costs are higher than they should be. Whether that’s due to poor user experience or lack of training, old technology, or poorly maintained systems. Apex provides detailed information for you to make the decisions that matter, and without costing the earth. With the ability to be able to see how each staff member is using IT, review all your assets, and a your future IT roadmap, it enables clever budgeting and reliable financial forecasting.

Finance departments need to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to business productivity and this isn’t always easy in a busy environment. It is vital that reporting systems are clear and accurate. Apex assists finance departments to be able to view their assets and monitor changes and plan for the future.


Some of the ways the Wavex platform can assist you:

  • Reporting - Review all your IT assets, licenses, warranties in one place.
  • Budgeting - Plan and budget for your future through our unique Dynamic Roadmap.
  • Governance - Manage risks and make rapid business decisions using our risk platform.
  • Collaborate - Work with our teams to build suitable reports, and review trends.
  • Approvals - Use suitable approval processes to ensure the appropriate people can effectively manage procurement and other business processes.

At Wavex we know how important it is to be able to understand the total cost of company infrastructure. The Apex platform is designed to benefit the whole company by providing better auditing and accounting management. Because the app can identify obstacles causing problems in workflow, it can help financial directors to focus on where issues arise and to pre-empt accounting problems and it compliments the other suite of business applications and IT services offered by Wavex.

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