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Leading a successful business requires a thorough understanding of company infrastructure and productivity. With the Apex app there is a plethora of information that can be analysed, providing guidelines for you to make the right decisions on taking the company forward. The data the app produces facilitates better and substantiated resolutions when implementing new processes.

A company cannot function efficiently without strategy and direction, both of which are easy to lose sight of when immersed in the day to day demands of running a corporation. With the responsibility of heading company culture as well as leadership management, it is paramount that clarity in how the company is performing is available at the touch of a button. Without thorough analysis of workflow in each department and indications of where the obstacles within the system occur, it is impossible to improve the company’s performance. The Apex platform provides accurate reports about workflow productivity, and highlights where resources are least cost and time efficient.


To summarise a few of the benefits:

  • Business Roadmap - a graphical representation of your business strategy which can be continually updated so you can review all the various components in one place
  • Reporting - real-time reporting which covers your assets, software, licenses, warranties
  • Efficiency- customisable business workflows to both manage processes and review inefficiencies
  • User-Experience - offer your colleagues multiple ways to engage with the business
  • Informed & Alerted - utilise an array of notifications methods from SMS, desktop popup, email, push-notifications, whatever works best for you
  • Manage - work with us to better manage your other IT partners and assess their performance

The Apex platform is designed to benefit the whole company by providing better auditing and accounting management. Because the app can identify obstacles causing problems in workflow, it can help directors to focus on where issues arise and to pre-empt problems and it compliments the other suite of business applications and IT services offered by Wavex.

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